The Bucket List, aka, The Therapy List.

I’ve added more excursions to my bucket list of things to accomplish this year.

I’ve had to face a lot in all the 26 years I have lived on this Earth. I’m a veteran of the Afghanistan War. I’ve seen things people should never see in their life, but I carry on because there is no reason to live in the past. We must learn to adapt and detach, in order to move on. My new additions to my bucket list are to hike for days and be totally out of tune with the everything. One thing I will be in tuned with is God’s beautiful creation and the peacefulness He brings to me. I am going on an excursion for 5 days and I will be hiking for about 20 miles. I’ll be enjoying the waterfalls and swimming in crystal blue waters for days. One thing I believe saved me other than God, is hiking. My therapy and now my passion is hiking. Walking into a trail where you don’t know where it leads, or what you will run into…there’s just some type of thrill about that I love.

After my lovely trip to Havasu Falls, I will be cave diving for the first time in my life. I’m super excited about it! If you have any suggestions for a first time cave diver, please share. I am a bit nervous about tight spaces and bugs, but I am needing to get over this fear of mine. Life is an adventure, live it…day in and day out. You never know when your time to be with the Lord is coming. Live life to the fullest.  I’ll post pictures and blog entries when I go on my hike and my first cave diving session!

~ Jillian

Havasu Falls at Night.

Havasu Falls at Night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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